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Susan, It has been a while since I have communicated with you, but I wanted to give your support team a great big Kudo.
I went to start-up my UV2400 this morning and I could not get the head to move. I didn’t think I would have any success, but I sent an email to support@logojet.com and explained what my problem was and asked if there was any way to help me resolve it, so I didn’t have to wait until Monday to use the machine.

Sure enough, I received a response from Mark Berglund. He sent me a couple of attachments and a link and after 4 or 5 emails, I am currently sitting next to my machine and it is ready to go. Let me tell you how impressive I think this is. I bet I could not get anyone else who I have purchased equipment from to respond to me on a Saturday afternoon. Believe me, I am impressed with the way this machine works, but I am even more impressed with the team that you have put together to support it. The machine has become a major part of our business and I am looking to make it even a more important part as I move forward, and I am not fearful about using this machine because of all of the great staff you have on your technical support team. I have not regretted purchasing this printer since that day in Indianapolis when my wife and I met you and we decided to move forward with the purchase because the support I have received after the sale has just been superb.

Thank you for helping us make this decision and please thank Mark for helping me out. You don’t know how valuable our relationship with LogoJET is to us.

Clyde E. Kober
Cin-dee's Crafts
LogoJET Customer since 2016

Susan - I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the support we have received for our LogoJet UV2400. I have had the opportunity to work with numerous machinery support departments over the years, but I have never experienced such convenient access to skilled technicians nor such genuine concern for our needs. You have covered parts and labor for repairs when you didn't have to, and you have done so repeatedly. This last repair was practically a refurbishment (out of warranty), it addressed a number of problems that we created through inexperience, and the total invoice was less than $200.

We've received this level of support despite the fact that we own a single printer.

Again, thank you so much. Mark, Paul, Megan, John and the rest of your support team are truly the best I've encountered in over 15 years in manufacturing.

Glenn Harmon
Operations Manager
Clickfold Plastics
LogoJET Customer since 2015

I have to say that this is the most efficient running machine I have had. Very low ink usage at least vs. the competitor model I ran prior. Our ink usage was cut in half when we went to LogoJet products. I would honestly say that the machine has paid for itself in its efficiency.

Shane Tittle
Atomic Market
LogoJET Customer since 2013

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Larry Brown
Golf Ball Manufacturers
LogoJET Customer since 2016 - UV2400

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received from Lauren and Paul in my purchase of my LogoJet UV2400. Lauren did a great job setting up my installation session. Paul was incredible with his patient assistance during my installation. You have put together an awesome team to help new customers with your excellent product. Paul spent a lot of time helping me get comfortable with my new LogoJet. His knowledge of the product is nothing short of amazing. I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything and let you know how pleased I am with the new printer. I'm looking forward to many years of successful partnership.

Chuck Connors
Ego Imaging, President
LogoJET Customer since 2015 - UV2400

Dear Susan, When I read the comments on your website, I thought people were exaggerating. But pleasantly, I realize that they are true! So I join these thanks for the excellent after sales service you have given me and I am sure we will solve together the challenges of printing on certain materials.

Estimada Susan cuando lei los comentarios en su portal pensé que la gente estaba exagerando, pero gratamente me doy cuenta que son ciertos, por lo que me uno a estos agradecimientos por el excelente servicio posventas que me han brindado y estoy seguro que seguiremos resolviendo conjuntamente ciertos problemas que me ha dado imprimir sobre ciertos materiales.

Patrico Larco
Solyav Import CIA LTDA
LogoJET Customer since 2014

Hi Susan, We are extremely happy with our choice to develop this relationship with your company. As we are new to the in-house side of things, having your team be so on-call, so positive and so supportive all of the time is proving to be the most valuable part of our decision as of yet!

We are starting to generate a buzz around our machine and will continue our push so people know just how unlimited this machine’s capabilities are. We are optimistic about it becoming a profitable asset to our team and know that we have a great company backing us for support no matter what our customers bring us to print on!

Daniel Rubin
USB Direct
LogoJET customer since 2014

I have found LogoJET's customer service to be beyond compare. You (LogoJET) should write a book on how it's done!

Derek Fisher
Bermuda Sunrise Print & Procurement
LogoJET customer since 2014

Susan, you and all at LogoJET USA have been very supportive from the day of our printer purchase. Your team helped me from afar to resolve many technical issues that I couldn't fix on on my own. Thank you for your excellent service and continued support.

Steve Liu
U Have Gifts Inc.
LogoJET customer since 2014

Susan, I am extremely pleased to say that we are printing golf balls! I have to credit you and your team. In my opinion you guys have it figured out, it was a pleasure to work with Paul yesterday. He did an amazing job and the Margaritaville golf balls look better than I ever imagined they could. Tiffany deserves a huge amount of credit as well. She was the one who got the ball rolling, no pun intended! I really appreciated her following up with us and that spurred me to take action. John and yourself are always readily available to help and that is a credit to you guys and what you have in place. Thank you for all your help and support and I look forward to working with you in the future as we explore the possibilities of the printer. Thank you!!

Todd Romano
Creative Director, Rico Industries, Inc.
LogoJET customer since 2010

Hi Tiffany, Thank you for your call. It is really nice to hear from suppliers/providers who look after the needs of their customers/clients. As I have said, we are getting more customers for golf ball printing. And yes, whenever we encounter technical issues, David and your technical team have always provided an excellent service. Same goes for Susan. Best regards,

Marvin C. Tayag
System Administrator, Dynamic Sports Corporation
LogoJET customer since 2012

LogoJET support team is outstanding! They will talk you through and always keep communication open until you are back up and running and will work with you to meet your customers timelines no matter what. Good to know they have our best interest in mind!

Robyn Latanville
Photo Gift World - Canada
LogoJET customer since 2009

I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and attention. The way you conduct business is the same way I do and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You should also know that John represents you with the same class and he has also been incredible in helping to resolve my issues. It's one thing to make an effort to fix a problem, but just as you do, he makes you feel secure during the process. Thanks for all your assistance and support.

Ronnie B.
LogoJET customer since 2011

Dear Susan, we are so happy that we purchased our LogoJET printer. Before the printer arrived we had orders coming in. You and your staff have been outstanding in all the services that have been provided. We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

Wilson & Maryellen Martin

PS I am having a blast with this printer. It is so easy to operate.

After being a LogoJET customer for over 3 years and printing 200,000 golf balls using our two LogoJET printers, we have found them to produce the highest quality images with the best reliability in their class.

Tom Cox, President/CEO
LogoJET customer since 2005

I think your support team is great!! Everyone seems to be there for me. It seems to me that everyone with LogoJET seems to bend over backwards to try to solve problems and answer questions!! Keep up the great effort!!

Jeff - Creative Promotional
Chicago, USA
LogoJET Customer since 2005

We purchased our initial LogoJET printer some 6 months ago after seeing the potential for this machine to fill a niche market that our company was keen to exploit.

What we were not prepared for was just how good the printer would be. We initially thought that we would only be using the machine for small volume print runs, but we have now realized that full blown production volumes are also possible.

The print quality has helped us to win major international contracts, and this has led us to printing batches of 10,000 parts per order.

One of our initial fears was that we were dealing with a company based so far away, and that any issues may not be dealt with in a timely fashion. This could not be further from the truth.

The entire team at LogoJET has gone out of their way to make sure that we get the best service possible. Any questions that we had have been answered quickly and thoroughly, even on weekends.

Every person we have dealt with, from sales to technical service, has been friendly and passionate about their products.

The quality of the LogoJET system, and the sales support we have received has been so great that we have now purchased our second machine.

I would not hesitate in recommending LogoJET to anyone thinking about this type of system.

Kindest regards,
Jason Allman
Grover Allman, South Australia
LogoJET Customer since 2008

Every year I go to the PGA show in Orlando and try to find ways to enhance our business. This year I was fortunate to find Susan and the LogoJet booth.

We have had an on line site, producing personalized and custom logo balls for a few years as a side business to our normal retail selling. LogoJet has allowed us to eliminate manufacturer's constraints on quantities and build a whole new avenue for selling.

Susan and John have been there all the way to teach us the finer aspects and nuances of the LogoJet system. It will only be a matter of time before we need a second machine.

Bill Walsh
Florida, USA
LogoJET Customer since 2009

Susan, I want to thank you personally again for your impeccable service and products. Our logo jet golf ball printer always works great and we do very well with it.
Your printer is very easy to use and that is very important to me because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time with training.
Your customer service support is also fantastic and I would recommend your printer and service to anyone that is interested.
Thank you so much for making it easy for us!

Matt Lucas, President
Innovative Designs, Inc.
LogoJET customer since 2006

I LOVE MY LOGOJET! When I first decided to add digital I started with a direct to garment machine and had nothing but problems so I was leery about investing in another digital machine. The LogoJET team has made it the best decision for me. When I have had trouble, either Susan or John is right there to take care of the problem or to guide me through any issue or learning curve that may arise. Their customer service is far above what I would expect from any company. They have gone miles above excellent customer service. I truly believe they want everyone to succeed with their business. Susan keeps me updated on new products and ways to increase business. They have become more than just my supplier, they are my friends.

Terri Hauge, President
LogoJET customer since 2007

We would just like to say that the LogoJET Printer has been really successful for us. We really appreciate all your support.

Thank you,
Pete Delgado
Pacsports Ltd. Guam
LogoJET customer since 2008

I have had the LogoJET printer for over a year now and am very satisfied with it. It enables me to print hard to reproduce logos and images that are difficult to print on my pad printer. Susan and the staff at Logojet have excellent product knowledge and their support services have worked with me when I have had any issues. I would highly recommend it.

Don Wood, President
Impressive Impressions – Winnipeg, MB
LogoJET customer since 2007

Dear Susan, We are so happy that we purchased our logo jet printer. Before the printer arrived we had orders coming in. You and your staff have been outstanding in all the services that have been provided. We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

PS I am having a blast with this printer. It is so easy to operate.

Buttons & Bows

I would like to thank both Susan & John for all the support you have given me over the last year. There were times when I truly monopolized your time. Throughout you always treated me with patience and great advice. I doubt that many companies can compare their product support with the service you provide - Quite simply - "It is second to none." In the season we logo about 300 - 400 dozen balls a week and it is very important to have our printers going non stop.

Gus Kristjansson
LogoJET customer since 2008

Dear John, we just wanted to let you know that you have eliminated our worst fears. As you know we purchased your model C67 printer last year. Our fear with any new technology of course is support especially when you only have one model for a certain type of printing. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we experienced an electrical shock to our LogoJET C67 printer and zapped the logic board at a time when we had a large back log of product to mark and ship. After calling LogoJET we were rest assured of the problem and immediately shipped a replacement part.

Using your Youtube instructions we were up and running without any major setbacks. I just want to take this time to thank you and your team for your excellent service, keep up the good work.

The Golf Tee Store
LogoJET customer since 2009

I love my LOGOJET.

I was lucky to have found Susan and her company We print many things on our LogoJET and could not be more pleased, the quality is outstanding. If I have ever had a question John and Susan have always been quick to respond. They are the only company I have dealt with that actually stands behind their product.

This printer has allowed me to offer more products that I could have imagined. I just want to say Thank you to Susan and John for having such a great product. I am hoping that I can buy the new one sometime this spring.

I love printing with the LogoJET because it gives me great results on our golf balls and the best part is I can sell just one, unlike pad printing.

Thanks again Susan and John for having such a great company to work with.

Buckeye Promotions Unlimited
Lancaster, Ohio

I can honestly say that the LogoJET Golf Ball printer that I have has been a great success and I have received the very best service from Susan and John. I am in contact with John via Skype (a must) if I need any assistance and he is always very helpful indeed.

As far as getting text onto the balls it's all a question of font size as the print area is limited as it is with all printers, currently I have had no problems in this area as there are many options to choose from.

I have had new customers such as Goldman Sachs, Enterprise Rent a Car and British American Tobacco all request balls from me this year and they have been very pleased with the results also Nike have used me to print small quantities for them which is great as they have their own printing service!

Mark Palmer, President
Palmer Golf Company - United Kingdom
LogoJET Customer since 2009

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