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UVx90 UV-LED Direct to Substrate Printer

LogoJET's UVx90 takes UV printing further with its expanded print area of 24" x 36". Now you can customize even larger substrates with our UV curable inks, including white ink, texture-building primer and clear gloss overlay. Expand your horizons to print on an endless variety of products and substrates with the LogoJET UVx90!

Physical Features:

  • Head moves over print area - flatbed stays stationary.
  • Built-in vacuum-bed holds lightweight products in place during printing.
  • Ink basket is conveniently located on top of the printer.
  • The control panel puts all functions at your finger-tips including: manual flatbed height adjust, auto-height adjust; move bed backward and forward; perform head-cleanings.
  • Easy access drop-down panels allow you to perform maintenance and/or repair parts without disassembling printer to get inside.
  • Flatbed is open at the back and front, allowing oversized products to be loaded, and products in trays can be accessed during print runs for loading and unloading (max. product width: 25.125").
  • Printer measures 49.6" W x 59" L x 25.6" H; Weighs approx. 440 lbs.
  • Shipping crate: 57" W x 71" L x 36" H; Shipping weight approx. 595 lbs.

  • Ink Capabilities

    This UV ink system includes 8 channels - 4 channels for the full color CMYK inks plus 2 channels for White ink, and the final 2 channels contain Clear Gloss and Primer.

    Bulk Ink System
    Each ink color comes in a 200 mL vacuum sealed bag to protect the ink from any ambient light exposure prior to use. The bulk ink delivery system reduces the need for ink refills and maintenance and provides an uninterrupted ink flow. Simply remove the ink needle from an empty bag and insert it into the new one and you are ready to continue printing. No cartridge filling or cleaning necessary! Our ink produces little to no fumes, so costly ventilation systems are unnecessary. Each UVx90 printer purchase includes 1 complete ink set ($920.00 value). One set of ink will print up to 100,000 square inches!

    White Ink
    White ink allows you to print directly onto dark and clear materials. You can print solid white imprints, or use it as an opaque base for color imprints. The printer comes with 2 white channels assigned, but can be configured with more, giving you control over the amount of white ink that is applied to your products. It can also be printed as a gradient under photographs, giving you white highlights where you need them.

    Our Primer is like a 'glue' that can be printed alone, or inline with our white ink to provide a rock-solid base that improves imprint adhesion on difficult substrates. It can also be used to build textures and special effects in your imprints.

    Clear Gloss
    The clear gloss can be printed as a spot varnish on specific areas of a design to create special effects or embellishments. It gives a high-end look when printed alone on a matte black or dark-colored background. It can also be used as a full coverage glossy clear coat to provide added durability and protection.

    Production Features

    LogoJET's UVx90 has a large imprint area of 24”W x 36”L x 6”H. The built-in automatic height sensor will detect products and position the flatbed so they are at an optimum distance (2mm) from the print head to maintain the highest quality imprints possible.

    Our repositionable tray fixtures make it easy to print on products of varying shapes and materials. Simply lift off one tray and slide in a new one to change from one product to another. Print speed for the full imprint area ranges from 12 mins (720 x 1080 dpi imprint) to 32 mins (1440 x 1440 dpi, full color coverage). The built-in UV-LED lamp cures the inks instantly as they are printed for rock-solid, durable imprints on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, fabric, vinyl and MUCH more!


    LogoJET offers the advanced Kothari RIP software for the UVx90 printer. Some of the features included are:

    • Allows Inline Printing (white & color in the same pass)
    • Job cost calculator
    • Variable dot size options
    • Improved color imaging
    • Black media environment
    • Hot folders for automation
    • Nesting of multiple images in one layout
    • Advanced control for layering and textures
    • Braille capabilities and tutorial
    • Width of nozzle control for curved surfaces
    • Required for Rotary Printing

    LogoJET also offers customized ICC color profiling to improve the accuracy and consistency of color imprints from one substrate to another.

    Tech Support

    LogoJET offers a 2 day onsite installation and training with all UVx90 Printer purchases. Onsite training offers users a hands-on experience and accelerates the learning curve of using the RIP software and various art file formats to print onto your media. LogoJET offers a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on our UVx90 printer to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our top notch technical support via telephone, email, live chat and skype video so you can reach us any time you have a question or run into difficulty.

    For more details, click here to download PDF Brochure, or apply to

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    LOGOJET UVx90 UV-LED DIRECT TO SUBSTRATE PRINTER (Includes 1 complete ink set, $920.00 value) LOGOJET UVFLEX90 (Flexible Ink) UV-LED DIRECT TO SUBSTRATE PRINTER (Includes 1 complete ink set, $920.00 value)
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