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UVx90R UV-LED Direct to Substrate Printer

LogoJET’s UVx90R combines our fastest production speeds with a larger product capacity. Featuring industrial-strength components, multiple high-performance Ricoh print heads and a newly configured, customizable UV-ink configuration, this printer will produce vibrant full color and textured imprints on a huge variety of substrates.


  • Newly configured ink system contains 12 customizable channels
  • Curable imprint area of 24 x 36 inches with 6 inch height clearance
  • New location of ink basket creates a self-agitating ink system
  • Built-in vacuum bed holds flat, lightweight substrates in place
  • Control panel puts all functions at your finger-tips including:
    - perform head-cleanings and nozzle checks
    - manual and automatic flatbed height adjustment
    - move bed backward and forward
  • Acrylic cover lifts easily providing access for maintenance and ink replacement.
  • Flatbed is open at the back and front, allowing oversized products to be loaded and products in trays can be accessed during print runs for continuous loading and unloading (max. product width: 25.125").
  • Metal printer stand included.
  • Printer measures approx. 56.25" W x 61" L x 29.5" H; Weighs approx. 410 lbs.
  • Shipping weight approx. 740 lbs

  • Ink Capabilities

    Saving on ink consumption, the six RICOH print heads each hold two ink channels, for a total of twelve. There are 2 channels for each of the four CMYK inks (8 total), leaving the last four customizable with any combination of White ink, Primer or Clear Gloss.

    Bulk Ink System
    The new location of our ink bags allows them to ride along during the printing process — contributing to a self-agitating system — effectively reducing setup time and simplifying the start-up procedure. Each 200 mL vacuum-sealed ink bag is designed to operate as a bulk ink solution, while keeping a closed ink system. Without interrupting the flow, simply remove the ink needle from an empty bag and insert it into a new one.

    White Ink
    White ink allows you to print directly onto dark and clear materials. You can print solid white imprints, or use it as an opaque base for color imprints. It can also be printed as a gradient under photographs, giving you white highlights where you need them.

    Our Primer is like a 'glue' that can be printed alone, or inline with other inks to provide a rock-solid base that improves imprint adhesion on difficult substrates. It can also be used to build textures and special effects in your imprints.

    Clear Gloss
    The clear gloss can be printed as a spot varnish on specific areas of a design to create special effects or embellishments. It gives a high-end look when printed alone on a matte black or dark-colored background. It can also be used as a full coverage glossy clear coat to provide added durability and protection.

    Production Features

    LogoJET’s UVx90R has been tailored for industrial applications with maximum output efficiency. Built with high-end industrial-strength components, such as kevlar belts and strong Servo motors, you can expect a tough, reliable printer that’s designed to last.

    This new configuration incorporates SIX RICOH GH print heads for our fastest print speeds ever with excellent cost performance!

    The UVx90R has an imprint area of 24”W x 36”L x 6”H. The automatic height sensor detects products and positions them at an optimum distance (2mm) from the print head. Our interchangeable printing trays make it easy to print on all types of product and increase efficiency for larger production volumes. A built-in vacuum bed holds lightweight products in place on the flatbed during printing, or use our adhesive multi-use mat for securing heavier products or printing templates for custom-shaped products. The built-in UV-LED lamp cures the ink instantly as it’s applied to the substrate for vibrant and lasting imprints on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, fabric, vinyl and MUCH more!

    Award Winning RIP Software

    LogoJET Print Pro RIP software, powered by Kothari, is one of the most powerful and versatile RIP software products available. Version 7 of Print Pro is now available for all R-Series printers and includes advanced features such as:

    Workflow and Automation
  • Hot Folders to Automate Workflow
  • Templating and Template Management for Replicable Jobs
  • Full customization of user environments
  • Job Queuing and Prioritization
  • Run multiple jobs and work on multiple art files simultaneously
  • Variable Data and Data Merge Options also available
  • Art and Sampling
  • Edit and adjust artwork from directly within the RIP
  • Save multiple versions and create templates
  • Color Management
  • Industry-leading color profiling
  • Spot Color Replacement
  • Control dot size to improve imprints on variable surfaces
  • Special Printing Features
  • Inline one-pass printing, regardless of the number of layers
  • Job Costing – track ink cost and time metrics
  • Automatically generate white and clear layers with a single art file
  • LogoJET also offers customized ICC color profiling to improve the accuracy and consistency of color imprints from one substrate to another.

    Tech Support

    LogoJET offers onsite installation and personalized training for you and your staff with your purchase of the UVx90R. LogoJET offers a 2-YEAR WARRANTY on our UVx90R printer to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our top notch technical support via telephone, email, live chat and skype video so you can reach us any time you have a question or run into difficulty.

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    LOGOJET UVx90R UV-LED DIRECT TO SUBSTRATE PRINTER (Includes 1 complete ink set, $690.00 value) RIPKUVX90R - Kothari Print Pro RIP Software - Special Edition for LogoJET UVx90R printer (PC Compatible Only)
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