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Made & True was founded at the end of 2020 when Alexis Schneider purchases a Cricut (vinyl printer/cutter) to offer custom holiday gifts for friends and family and promoted it through social media. As she began to create more, she opened an Etsy account taking requests for anything from doormats, to mugs, to onesies, and anything in between. In 2022, Alexis leaned into the wedding industry niche by offering acrylic wedding signage.

It was around this time Alexis created a giveaway on social media. The giveaway had over 1.5 million views and 49,000 entries within one week. With the amount of exposure and incoming orders, Alexis’ husband Dylan left his full-time sales position of 6 years and joined Alexis full-time at Made & True.  

Journey to LogoJET 

Using a combination of a Cricut and Glowforge laser, all lettering was hand-applied to the wedding sign orders. The manual process left room for errors and was extremely time-consuming. 

We would also need to measure 2-3 times to make sure everything ends up being applied straight. Have you ever walked into someone's home and noticed a picture on the wall is tilted? This would happen often when applying a row of vinyl lettering to our acrylic signage which resulted in restarting the project,” said Dylan. You could notice when you stood away from the signage that a row of lettering wasn't straight or level which wasn't a final product Made & True would put our names on.    

The technology being used came with limitations such as font, size, color, and efficient processes. The business was able to complete approximately 30-50 orders per month with an 8-week turnaround time.  

Looking for more efficient and scalable technology, Dylan came across UV ink printing as a replacement option for vinyl. In their initial search, the only options they found were 4’x8’ flatbeds with a price range of $110,000-$126,000. This led them to believe there would not be a feasible way for their small business to enter into this space.  

After more searches, they found LogoJET who had incredible ratings and customer reviews on Google. “From the moment we called in and requested the sales department, our hope had been restored,” said Dylan. “The versatility LogoJET printers offer, paired with an excellent staff and affordable price, made the decision easy.” 

“It was simply the single best decision we made for our business, and it completely changed our lifestyle,” said Dylan. “We went from overworked to having time and freedom while producing 4 times the revenue.”
- Dylan Schneider, Made & True

Onboarding with LogoJET 

The delivery of the printer and installation were prompt and were attributed to Made & True’s success. Wedding season was in full swing, and their printing solution arrived just in time. 

Installation was a breeze,” said Alexis. There was an on-site technician who spent two days with us completing the initial setup as well as running tons of tests prints and helping us get familiar with the software.” 

Life with LogoJET 

Once the printer was up and running, Alexis and Dylan reached out to brides they had to previously turned away due to capacity. The additional time and money they got back from implementing the printer allowed them to build an entirely new website and offer new products.  

Before LogoJET With LogoJET UVx90R

6 hours of manual process 

12-20 minutes of hands-free printing 

1-2 day wedding package assembly 

1-2 hour wedding package assembly 

$15,000 in sales per month 

$50,000-$60,000 in sales per month 

8-10 week turnaround time 

1-5 week turnaround time 

Sign-products only 

Expanded product offerings such as photo plaques, guest books, stone table numbers, etc.  

Few thousand social media followers 

115,000 total following on social media  


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