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LogoJET HYBRID 2400 Direct to Substrate Printer

With the rising demand for both UV-Curable and Solvent-Based Digital Inks, WHY LIMIT YOURSELF TO JUST ONE? LogoJET's HYBRID 2400 UV + SOLVENT PRINTER is the most versatile direct to substrate printer on the market! Users can interchange various ink systems designed for use with piezo print heads to expand their capabilities with the flexibility of solvent inks AND the durability of UV inks!


  • Works with all common ink types offered by LogoJET – standard solvent, edible, UV-flexible, UV-rigid.
  • Ask us about direct to garment capabilities
  • Built on the proven LogoJET UV2400 platform
  • Choose either default UV or Solvent configuration, add on an ink system with convenient storage case.

  • Ink Capabilities

    Interchangeable ink basket assemblies allow you to change between the various ink types, including UV inks and Solvent or Water-based inks. The ink system includes 8 channels which can be customized to accommodate whichever configuration is necessary for the ink type being used. The LogoJET HYBRID 2400 is compatible with the following ink types:

  • UV Rigid digital ink
  • UV Flexible digital ink
  • Edible Ink
  • Solvent inks
  • Packaging inks
  • Water Based inks
  • Sublimation inks
  • DTG (Dupont Direct to
    Garment Inks)
  • Conductive inks

  • Applications

  • Flexible Packaging – the ability to print digitally onto food packaging has become a growing issue because of the human skin or food contact applications. Using water based inks solves biocompatibility compliance issues and enables the food industry to take advantage of short run, direct to print applications on cardboard boxes, toys (EN71/3 standard), food packaging or even wallpapers. Also compatible for laminating or welding applications.

  • Textiles – UV Flexible ink and Direct to Garment inks allow imprints to bend and stretch with the product to avoid cracking and peeling of ink. Personalized, short-run items such as canvas bags, shoes, pillows and garments can be successfully decorated using these ink configurations.

  • Product – Having the capability to change between ink systems allows you to offer the best solution for each type of product you print. Dark or clear products requiring a white under-base can be printed in UV-Mode, and special textures can also be created. Other products are better suited to solvent-based or sublimation-type inks which embed directly into the surface of the product, leaving the original texture intact.

  • Edibles – An entire market of customized, edible products can open up with the option of our edible ink configuration. Print on light-colored edibles including Cookies, Chocolate, Candies, Marshmallows, Pills and much more!

  • Production Features

    LogoJET's HYBRID 2400 has a large imprint area of 12”W x 24”L x 5”H. The built-in automatic height sensor will detect products and position the flatbed so they are at an optimum distance (2mm) from the print head to maintain the highest quality imprints possible.

    Products can be loaded directly onto the flatbed using our reusable adhesive multi-mat, or into our interchangeable printing tray fixtures which make it easy to print on products of varying shapes and materials. Simply lift off one tray and slide in a new one to change from one product to another. Print speed for a full print run ranges from 4 mins (text imprint) to 15 mins (full color coverage). The printer includes a built-in UV-LED lamp for curing UV inks instantly as they are printed. There is also a built-in halogen lamp and heated bed to promote faster curing when using water or solvent based inks.


    LogoJET offers basic and advanced RIP software options, depending on your business' needs. Some of the features included in our basic RIP software include:

    • Pre-loaded settings for various substrates
    • Control over printer functions and channel settings
    • Adjust ink density, saturation, and color controls
    • White ink options – full background coverage vs. gradations
    • Allows you to add your own ICC color profiles to the RIP
    • Allows you to create templates for product positioning
    • Repeat Function allows you to copy artwork for multiple product prints
    • Control dot size to improve imprints on curved or uneven surfaces
    • Print settings: Uni-directional or Bi-directional
    • Resolution settings:
      • 1440x720 – production setting, high speed
      • 1440x1440 – standard setting
      • 1440x2880 – photography, very fine detail, high quality, smooth substrates.
    NOW AVAILABLE - our advanced Kothari RIP software offers new features including inline printing (print white and primer, or white and color in one print pass) to enhance imprint quality and speed up production times. Imprint area for Kothari RIP Software is 12" W x 23" L x 5" H.

    LogoJET also offers customized ICC color profiling to improve the accuracy and consistency of color imprints from one substrate to another.

    Tech Support

    LogoJET offers remote training for you and your staff, and we will walk you through the installation of your new LogoJET HYBRID 2400 printer. LogoJET offers a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on our HYBRID 2400 printer to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our top notch technical support via telephone, email, live chat and skype video so you can reach us any time you have a question or run into difficulty.

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    Kothari Print Pro RIP Software - Special Edition for LogoJET HYBRID 2400 printer (PC Compatible Only)
    RIP software for use with HYBRID printer
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