LogoJET’s new H2 UV Curable Ink represents an evolution in durability, flexibility and color in an already extremely successful ink line. LogoJET inks have always been formulated for use with a broad range of substrates and in a wide array of applications. As the UV printing industry has gained popularity and branched into new industries and markets, the demand for enhanced ink properties has accelerated. Recognizing this trend, in 2018, the company began work on a new set of formulas for both our Ricoh and Epson product lines. After many months of rigorous testing, the new LogoJET H2 branded ink was released in January of 2019. LogoJET H2 Ink moves the UV printing industry forward by opening up new applications that were previously unattainable with prior ink technologies, and enhancing performance in established applications.

Four traits that set LogoJET H2 Ink apart from the field are;

  • Expanded Color Gamut
  • New Levels of Durability
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Made in the USA

Another Product of the Year

In 2019, LogoJET's line of H2 High Durability Inks was the recipient of the 2019 SGIA Product of the Year for innovation in digital UV inks.


LogoJET’s Original UV Rigid Ink was a core component in a 2016 SGIA Product of the Year win for best printer, but we knew we could push it farther. The wireframe gamut map to the right shows our previous award winning gamut at the top and the expanded gamut of our new H2 ink on the bottom.


LogoJET H2 is our most durable ink yet. The quest began with golf balls. Customers wanted greater durability on balls with advanced coatings and LogoJET delivered. The enhanced durability extends to all common substrates.

and versatility

The most flexible UV ink in our “rigid” line of inks - the new LogoJET H2 Ink has a 288 degree bend tolerance, making it suitable for many fabric and other flexible applications. Combined with its enhanced durability on rigid substrates, there’s no need to change inks dependant on substrate.