LogoJET announces three-year warranty for all new UV printers

LogoJET is pleased to announce a three-year warranty on all of its UV printers.

“At LogoJET, we are constantly working on ways to add more value for our customers,” said Susan Cox, LogoJET CEO. “While we love meeting with our customers face-to-face, LogoJET is a company that was built on a remote support model. Throughout the challenges 2020 has presented, our support team has had the opportunity to shine as they have consistently continued to serve our customers.”

Cox says that once she and the LogoJET team realized they were supporting customers who were no longer under warranty as if they were under warranty to help get through the pandemic, they decided to make the support official.

“Our products are reliable and our knowledge on how to support our customers is best-in-class in the industry. Why wouldn’t we officially extend the warranty to three years?” said Lon Riley, LogoJET Chief Operating Officer.

“We believe we are the most reliable product line in the industry, and we carry the warranty program to back that up,” Riley said.

LogoJET looked at every angle to continue offering customers the best service possible by adding new remote software, coupled with a new voice-over-internet-phone system to enable remote workers to be as efficient as they were in the office. They also revamped their training program and documentation to further enhance the remote training experience.

The LogoJET leadership team agrees that, for them, the extended warranty is another way to meet and increase customer demand during a critical time.

LogoJET is now offering a three-year warranty and an 80% trade-in value on all new printer purchases, toward a larger printer within the first year.

“We have the ideal product line that is scalable and can grow with your business,” said Cox. “We want customers for life.”

In 2016, LogoJET were industry trendsetters when they adopted a two-year warranty on their printers. “We are more confident than ever in the quality of our products and our ability to support our customers,” Cox said. “We made a strategic adjustment, it seemed like the right thing to do during this critical time.”

As LogoJET celebrates its 15th anniversary, Cox said that the move to extend UV printer warranties demonstrates the industrial build of their machines and the team’s commitment to serve customers.

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