Enhanced color range, superior durability, and exceptional flexibility for diverse applications.

We offer a wide variety of ink options, meticulously developed to accommodate a variety of substrates and uses. Our efforts in advancing the formulations of our top-quality inks ensure that our award-winning products will support your creative and operational needs across a broad spectrum of applications.

  • Ink Options Available from Rigid to Flexible

    We offer a range of ink formulations, from rigid - developed for hard surfaces, to flexible - for materials that bend or stretch.

  • Textured Imprint Capabilities

    LogoJET’s UV inks combined with our printers can create prints with raised textures, adding a tactile dimension to the visuals.

  • Clear Gloss Embellishment Capabilities

    Enables spot varnish techniques, or the addition of a clear, glossy finish over prints for enhanced appearance or abrasion resistance.

  • Bright White for Dark and Clear Media

    Specialized UV white ink allows for vivid printing on dark and transparent materials and has the brightest white point for accurate color outputs.

  • Durable & Formulated to Withstand Repeated Impact

    LogoJET’s UV Inks are designed to be resilient, ensuring prints remain intact through wear and tear.

  • Wide Color Gamut for PMS Matching

    LogoJET’s UV Printers offer a wide color gamut can accurately reproduce a broad range of PMS colors, ensuring consistent brand colors across various materials.

  • Eco-Solvent Ink Applications

    These inks are used for their durability and environmental friendliness, suitable for porous and light surfaces, as they are semi-transparent in nature.

  • Edible Ink Applications

    Specifically designed for direct printing onto cakes, candies, and other food items. We offer the most food compliant ink solution on the market, ensuring safety and quality in edible prints.