Legacy Series Printer Maintenance


A clean machine is a happy machine.  Best practice is to dedicate 30 minutes weekly for routine maintenance.  Use the support resources below, and don’t let maintenance lapse during slow times.  LogoJET printers are production machines and they want to run.
If you have any questions regarding printer maintenance, please reach out to support@logojet.com


Daily Maintenance

PRO and UV2400


Weekly Maintenance

PRO and UV2400


Lubrication Charts

PRO and UV2400





Preparing Printers for Storage

PRO (Eco-Solvent) printers stored 3+ days:

  • Push the inks back.
  • Flush the ink lines and print head with cleaning solution.
  • Click here for short term storage instructions (up to 3 weeks)
  • Click here for long term storage instructions (MORE than 3 weeks)











    UV Printers stored up to 3 days:

    • Ensure the system is capped properly.
    • Agitate white inks before resuming operation.

    3+ days:

    • Push back white ink into bags.
    • Ensure system is capped properly.
    • Flush the white inks and primer.
    • Clear print head channels with storage solution.

    7+ days:

    • Push all inks back into bags. Ensure system is capped properly.
    • Flush the print head with alcohol.
    • Flush the print head with storage solution.
    • Flush ink lines and dampers with alcohol.
    • Click here to order more storage solution.

    NOTE: We recommend you always run a nozzle test before you prepare a printer for storage in order to compare with the output once the printer is moved back into production. The printer storage environment needs to match the temperature and humidity conditions recommended by LogoJET. The print head should always be capped at the end of the storage procedure.