360° Rotary Printing

From bottles, cups and travel mugs to drum sticks, tumblers, candles, jars and more, LogoJET rotary printing gives you the ability to add custom designs to a variety of cylindrical and tapered items that standard flat UV printing can’t accommodate. This printing option is extremely versatile and can be used on plastics, metals, woods, acrylics and other materials.

Plus, you don’t have to invest in a completely new system! With LogoJET’s rotary printer attachments, you can quickly turn your current LogoJET Flatbed Printer into a Rotary Printer in one simple step! Our rotary printing devices attach easily to the flatbed, allowing you to print up to 360° on cylindrical and tapered objects!

Rotary Printing Attachments are available for our UVx40R, UVx40R PLUS and UVx90R Printer Models.

Contact us for more information or to arrange for testing on your products!

  • Attaches magnetically to switch from flatbed printing to rotary printing in a snap!
  • Maximize your imprint area by printing the full circumference of cylindrical objects.
  • Rotary movement is driven by the operation of the bed
  • Requires LogoJET’s Kothari Print Pro RIP Software to manage rotary printing

  • View profitability charts for printing common products like tumblers on the UVx40R PLUS and UVx90R.  

    View our Rotary How-To Video Series below!

    Dual Pole Imprints Printing On Branded Tumblers Printing Multiple Tumblers

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