Certified Factory Refurbished Printers

A factory refurbished printer is a great option if you're looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to a new model, with the assurance of manufacturer-approved quality and performance.
Condition: Used and then restored to good working condition by the manufacturer and certified Factory Refurbished. May include replacement of parts and a thorough quality check.
History: Previously used by a customer that traded in for a larger and newer model.
Warranty: Includes limited warranty – One year, compared to 3 years for new model.
Performance: Expected to function like a new model, as it has been tested and verified by the manufacturer. However, there might be minor cosmetic flaws.
Availability: The availability of factory refurbished printers can change frequently. These models are usually available in limited quantities, as they depend on the return and refurbishment cycle. Since they're often sold at a reduced price compared to new models, they are in high demand.
Checking Back Often: It's advisable to check back regularly. Fill out the form below to ensure that you stay informed about the availability of the refurbished model you're interested in.

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Refurbished UVx40R-SE

The UVx40R-SE is an award winning tabletop UV printer. This innovative design combines performance components with 3 powerful Ricoh print heads to bring you a printer that's built for speed and perfect for compact spaces. Print easily on a variety of products like golf balls, signs, cell phone cases, tumblers, sports equipment, awards, canvases and more.


  • Industrial-strength construction
  • Uses UV-curable inks for fast production
  • Vibrant full-color and textured imprints
  • 18” x 18” printable area
  • Wide substrate and object compatibility up to 5” high

Refurbished UVx40R PLUS-SE

We expanded on the award-winning design of our original UVx40R-SE model to deliver the UVx40R PLUS-SE printer. This printer includes a fourth print head and an expanded imprint size of 18” x 24”. With its expanded print area and additional Ricoh GH 2220 print head, you’ll enjoy a powerful and efficient printing experience with increased capacity — all while maintaining a compact size.


  • Industrial-strength construction
  • More UV ink channels for faster multilayer printing
  • Vibrant full-color, white and clear capabilities
  • 18” x 24” printable area on products up to 5” high

Refurbished UVx90R-SE

When fast production and large product loads are needed, the UVx90R-SE might be the printer for you. Featuring high-strength components and six high-performance Ricoh print heads, this UV printer delivers large, quality yields on a wide variety of substrates including plastic, metal, wood, glass, stone and signage materials.


  • Industrial-strength construction
  • Customizable UV-ink configuration
  • Built for continuous production output
  • 24” x 36” printable area on products up to 6” high
  • Open bed design maximizes productivity
  • Vibrant full-color and textured imprints