Golf Ball Printing

Golf balls have emerged as one of the most popular choices for promotional product giveaways, resonating strongly in the corporate world and beyond. The appeal lies in their practicality and visibility, making them an ideal canvas for branding.

As a complementary item to other product offerings, custom-printed golf balls offer a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their promotional strategy. Serving not only as a standalone gift but as a valuable addition to a wider range of products, effectively boosting brand recognition and customer engagement in diverse markets.

  • Imprint Size

    Achieve detailed designs with an impressive print area of 0.87” (22mm diameter) on a golf ball, matching pad printing capabilities

  • Print Trays

    Preconfigured print trays for repeatable results and full utilization of the print bed for maximum production output.

  • Guided Positioning

    Tray rails for ease of production, helps to streamline the production process and
    improve productivity.

Superior Imprint Durability

LogoJET’s award winning H2 inks ensure your designs withstand the rigors of a golf round.

In the video below, hear from our President, Cade Bourque, as he delves into the business aspects of ROI for your printer investment, specifically for printing onto golf balls. Understand the financial benefits and efficiency gains with LogoJET's technology.

  • Protect your imprints...

    add extra abrasion resistance with color printing and clear gloss varnish.

  • For colored golf balls...

    use both white and color printing for best color output on a dark surface.

  • Economize ink...

    and print times by printing color-only on white golf balls.

LogoJET Golf Ball Printers

  • LogoJET UVx40R PLUS-SE

    18” x 24” imprint area

    Tabletop design and extended-wear components make this UV printer a powerful choice while maintaining a compact size.

  • LogoJET UVx90R-SE

    24” x 36” imprint area

    Small format flatbed with huge productivity. Get the solution to your need for speed with our most efficient DTS UV printer.

  • LogoJET LUNA

    39" x 70" imprint area

    Mid-sized wide format UV flatbed printer with a large capacity for high-volume output.

Golf Ball Printing Made Easier Than Ever

You don’t have to be a tech guru to print in-house. Get started with LogoJET’s golf ball printing machines in 4 simple steps.


    We assess where you are today and the goals you would like to accomplish.


    We create a customized printing solution & custom print trays to fit your needs.


    We’ll ensure your printing technology is fully operational & your team properly trained.


    The LogoJet team will be there for you as your company grows and needs change.

“I've seen firsthand the incredible impact LogoJET UV digital printers have had on our business over the past 18 years. We've transitioned most of our pad printing to digital, thanks to the productivity and efficiency these printers offer for custom golf ball designs. Now, we're printing over 1 million golf balls a year with ease. What stands out most, however, is the outstanding support we've consistently received from LogoJET. Their dedication to customer service is truly remarkable."

Chris Thompson

Vice President of Operations,


Elevate your in-house production with a LogoJET UV golf ball printer. Reach out to our team
today to discover how we can help your business grow.