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Upgrade Your Printing Power: Trade-In and Step Up with LogoJET

Revitalize Your Business with the Latest Printing Technology and Full Warranty Coverage

At LogoJET, we're committed to driving innovation while ensuring our clients thrive in an ever-evolving market. Our Trade-In Program is designed to seamlessly align with this commitment, offering an opportunity for you to upgrade your printing capabilities. By trading in your old printer, you not only gain access to the latest in printing technology but also re-engage with a warranty that ensures reliability and support. This program is a testament to our dedication to providing scalable and profitable solutions, empowering your business with advanced tools to stay ahead in the industry. Embrace the future of printing with LogoJET – where innovation meets customer success.

Benefits of Trading In

  • High Trade-In Value

    Choose LogoJET's trade-in program for unparalleled benefits in the industry. We set the standard high, offering an 80% trade-in value of your original purchase price during the first year. This substantial rate underscores our leading position in the market. Following the first year, the value depreciates at a standard rate of 20% each year, a policy designed to maintain a competitive edge and offer the highest trade-in value in the market. This strategy is tailored to assist your business in scaling effectively and promptly. Opting for our program means more than upgrading to the latest technology; it's a strategic investment in the growth and financial health of your business.

  • Innovation Access

    Our trade-in program offers a straightforward path to the forefront of printing technology. By trading in older models, customers can seamlessly transition to the latest printers featuring advanced capabilities. This not only ensures access to cutting-edge technology but also keeps your operations up to date with industry trends. With every upgrade, you benefit from improved efficiency, higher quality output, and new features that enable you to expand your service offerings and meet evolving market demands. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing the newest innovations in printing technology with LogoJET.

  • Warranty Advantage

    Have peace of mind and operational reliability. Upgrading to a new model reinstates full warranty coverage for 3 years, ensuring that your equipment is protected against unforeseen issues. This warranty not only guarantees repair or replacement of parts but also provides access to ongoing support and maintenance services. With this advantage, you can focus on your business growth without worrying about potential downtimes or equipment failures. Sleep better at night knowing that your investment is safeguarded, and your operations are backed by LogoJET's commitment to reliability and customer support.

  • Cost-Efficiency

    Experience the long-term financial benefits of upgrading to newer models. Trading up to the latest printers is not just about accessing advanced technology; it's also a strategic move towards greater operational efficiency. Newer models are designed with improved energy consumption, faster printing speeds, and reduced maintenance needs. These enhancements translate into lower operational costs, such as reduced energy bills, fewer repairs, and less downtime. Over time, the savings generated from these efficiencies can significantly offset the initial investment in newer equipment. By choosing to trade up, you're not only investing in superior technology but also in a more cost-effective future for your business.

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100+ 5-Star Google Reviews and Counting

We have been working with LogoJET for many years by now and were an early customer of their UV2400 small printer which served us very well. Customer demand forced us to retire it an upgrade to the UVx90R for greater speeds and a larger bed. What a step up this has been! Logojet has consistently provided us with great support and was very helpful again during this transition.

Patrick Oltmanns


Around 2014 we were having a lot of issues with our DCS UV printer and decided to give the Pro H4 solvent printer a try that Logojet offered. We had great success with the machine and in about 2016 we upgraded that machine with them again to the UV2400. We are still running the same UV2400 machine in June 2021 and it runs just like new. Out of all the machinery we have purchased since we started our business the LogoJET has by far been the most profitable and has paid for itself more times than I can count.

DIY Retro Arcade

I have been working with LogoJET since 2016 and haven't come across a better partner for my company. The customer service, sales and tech support teams are amazing in their response time, product knowledge and friendliness. I currently own 3 machines and continue to grow my business using their printers and look forward to continuing our partnership. Keep up the great work!

Andy Lieberman

We've been using LogoJET equipment for 15+ years for decorating various custom products. The equipment is high-quality, dependable and easy to use and maintain. Their customer service and support team is the main reason why we don't even consider any other machine brand. Anytime we have an issue with printing or mechanics, there is a large team of tech support specialists on-call. Never had to wait more then an hour for a response and they will stay with you until the problem is resolved as well as follow-ups days later to make sure all is good. Can't say that about any other equipment vendor we use. If you are thinking about direct to substrate printing, I fully recommend LogoJET.

Kevin Gallagher

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What items can I trade in?
    A: You can trade in any older model of LogoJET printers.
  • Q: How is the trade-in value determined?
    A: The trade-in value for your printer is primarily calculated based on its model and current condition. As a general rule, LogoJET offers an 80% trade-in value of the original purchase price during the first year. After that, the value depreciates by 20% each subsequent year. Additionally, if your model is current and can be factory refurbished, this may positively impact its trade-in valuation, reflecting LogoJET's commitment to delivering quality and sustainable printing solutions.

In the video below, LogoJET's President, Cade Bourque, explains the business of depreciation.

  • Q: Can I trade in a printer not manufactured by LogoJET?
    A: While our standard trade-in program is designed primarily for LogoJET models, we occasionally run promotional offers that include trade-ins of competitor UV printer models. These promotions are not a default part of our program, so we encourage you to contact us directly to learn more about current offers and eligibility criteria. This flexibility is part of our commitment to provide comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Q: Is there a limit to how many printers I can trade in?
    A: Generally, LogoJET offers a 1:1 trade-in option. This means you can trade in one printer for each new printer you purchase. This approach is designed to maximize the trade-in value you receive for your older equipment when upgrading to new models. You are encouraged to trade in multiple printers, as long as each trade-in is paired with a new printer purchase and meets our established criteria.
  • Q: What warranty comes with the upgraded printer?
    A: New printers come with a standard 3-year warranty, covering parts and labor.
  • Q: Is training provided for the new equipment?
    A: Yes, we offer comprehensive onsite and remote training options to ensure smooth transition to the new technology.
  • Q: Are there any hidden costs in the trade-in process?
    A: At LogoJET, we maintain transparency in all our transactions. There are no hidden fees in our trade-in process; however, it's important to note that if a printer needs to be shipped back to us, the shipping cost will be the customer's responsibility. In most cases, we follow a decommissioned parts process, where you are required to ship selected parts back to LogoJET. The metal parts of the machine can be locally disposed of by you. All these details are clearly communicated up front to ensure a smooth and transparent trade-in experience.
  • Q: How will upgrading affect my current printing operations?
    A: Upgrading to a new LogoJET printer is structured to ensure a smooth and minimally disruptive transition. Understanding that you may still be running your existing equipment, we offer a flexible trade-in timeline of up to 90 days from receipt of new equipment. This allows you ample time to familiarize yourself with the new equipment and integrate it into your workflow before phasing out the older processes. However, it's important to plan for space to accommodate both printers during this transition period, ensuring that your operations continue seamlessly without any significant downtime.