Adding a UV printer to your in-house production is a big step, and any big step comes with a lot of questions. From flexibility and up-front costs to long-term maintenance and software capabilities, there are many factors that play a role in how well a solution works for you.

When choosing a UV printer model for your business, consider three key factors: the size, rotary capability and print head channels. These three areas can help you narrow down your options and land on a solution that meets all your needs.

Our UV printers are listed below with their unique features and capabilities. Explore each option and compare against your business’s printing needs to find the best fit.


Despite the smaller size, the Express 30R still delivers top-tier printing performance. Ideal for shops with space constraints, this small-footprint printer packs a production punch with unlimited full-color opportunities for a variety of materials, including plastics, acrylics, wood, glass, metal, stone and more.


  • Compact size
  • Full-color direct-to-substrate or object printing
  • 11” x 15” printable area
  • Print on virtually any product or substrate up to 2.5” high


The UVx40R is an award winning tabletop UV printer. This innovative design combines performance components with powerful Ricoh print heads to bring you a printer that's built for speed and designed to last. Print easily on a variety of products like golf balls, signs, cell phone cases, tumblers, sports equipment, awards, canvases and more.


  • Industrial-strength construction
  • Uses UV-curable inks for fast production
  • Vibrant full-color and textured imprints
  • 18” x 18” printable area
  • Wide substrate and object compatibility up to 5” high


We expanded on the award-winning design of our original UVx40R model to deliver the UVx40R PLUS printer. This printer includes a fourth print head and an expanded imprint size of 18” x 24”. With its expanded print area and additional Ricoh GH 2220 print head, you’ll enjoy a powerful and efficient printing experience with increased capacity — all while maintaining a compact size.


  • Industrial-strength construction
  • More UV ink channels for faster multilayer printing
  • Vibrant full-color, white and clear capabilities
  • 18” x 24” printable area on products up to 5” high


When fast production and large product loads are needed, the UVx90R might be the printer for you. Featuring high-strength components and multiple performance Ricoh print heads, this UV printer delivers large, quality yields on a wide variety of substrates including plastic, metal, wood, glass, stone and signage materials.


  • Industrial-strength construction
  • Customizable UV-ink configuration
  • Fastest production speed available
  • 24” x 36” printable area on products up to 6” high
  • Open bed design maximizes productivity
  • Vibrant full-color and textured imprints

Click here for an interactive, downloadable version of our Printer Comparison Chart, or contact us using the form below to speak with a solutions specialist to help determine which printer is right for you.

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