Custom Tray Solutions

How Do Custom Trays Improve Productivity?

At LogoJET, we understand the importance of repeatability to boost production output and profitability. Our experts have refined the custom tray design process to enhance efficiency.

For example, the open bed design of our UVx90R-SE printer allows for multiple trays (2-3 segments depending on the product) to be loaded and unloaded during printing, making it easier to handle during the printing process. New products can be prepared on one segment while the other segments are printed and swapped out.

Also, our tabletop UVx40R PLUS-SE includes a unique glide rail system that allows trays to slide into place, making the loading process smooth.

As the only UV printer manufacturer specializing in custom trays paired with your printer purchase, we consider various factors to create unique solutions tailored to your needs.

How does LogoJET create custom trays?

  • Design Process

    Our print production specialists design custom trays after examining your product(s) and discussing placement. They determine the optimal number of parts per bed to maximize productivity while ensuring the tray's durability.

  • Tray Rail Guide System

    Each LogoJET UVX40R PLUS-SE model features a unique tray rail guide system for smooth gliding and precise positioning, ensuring consistent registration and preventing parts from dislodging.

  • Template Testing

    Trays are tested using LogoJET Print Pro RIP Software and saved as template files to ensure easy and consistent part placement during printing.

How Do Custom Trays Prevent Printing Problems?

  • Clear Products: Our custom trays prevent head strikes when printing clear products by sitting flush to the tray or having an additional segment attached to help with auto height sensor detection to the same height as clear product.
  • Reflective Products: To prevent print heads from clogging due to reflections during UV printing, our trays minimize reflection and air flow turbulence, prolonging print head life. Having it designed in black materials and alternatively adding a top tray can ensure UV light reflects straight down during the printing process depending on the item.
  • Multiple Product Sizes: We can design multipurpose trays to accommodate various product shapes, ensuring products lay flat at the same height for simultaneous printing. Other multi purpose designs can include multiple products that fit in the same slot to maximize a variety of products that share similar sizes.
  • Securing Products: We offer unique trays to hold down inconsistent products securely during printing.

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