Technical Support

Experience 5-Star Support with LogoJET

We provide personalized attention, rapid response times, expert knowledge, comprehensive training options, same day parts shipments, and advanced tools like remote support software.

  • 7-7 Support

    Offering 7am-7pm CST technical support hours to customers nationwide.

  • Talk to a real person

    1-877-432-2559 (option 2)
    and live web chat support

  • Remote Support

    Assistance through shared software views. Download our remote support app for your scheduled session

  • LogoJET-U

    Online Learning Management System featuring courses, knowledgebase and webinars

Our Support Services Include:

  • Onsite installation and training

    We offer onsite installation and training services to ensure that customers have the information, knowledge, and hands-on skills required to confidently start production on their LogoJET printer.


  • One-on-One Dedicated Remote Training Sessions

    We assign a specific subject matter expert to address the scope and needs for each dedicated remote training session. 

  • ICC Customized Color Profile Services

    Our Certified ICC Color Technicians are able to tailor profiles to each specific application, to ensure precise color matching and consistency.

  • Custom tray design solutions

    Custom trays provide significant production efficiency and optimization.  We offer custom tray design to match your specific application and production needs.

  • Custom product application testing

    Our Application Department offers product testing and validation, critical in providing assurance prior to production, cost considerations, or customer approvals.

100+ 5-Star Google Reviews and Counting

The LogoJET printer is reliable, durable and easy to use. We have had printers from other manufacturers that had constant maintenance issues, this is so easy to use. The training we received was excellent and ongoing service which we rarely need is exceptional. I would give them 6 stars if I could.

Vince Frank

Their customer service and support team is the main reason why we don't even consider any other machine brand. Anytime we have an issue with printing or mechanics, there is a large team of tech support specialists on-call. Never had to wait more then an hour for a response and they will stay with you until the problem is resolved as well as follow-ups days later to make sure all is good. Can't say that about any other equipment vendor we use.

Kevin Gallagher

Susan and her team at LogoJET are by far one of the finest companies to work with. We have had our machine for several years and can't wait to have the space to upgrade. Anytime we have questions, they are extremely responsive and caring. They truly understand that when a machine is down, it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Thank goodness we haven't had many issues with ours. It's a workhorse!

Michelle Bitterly

LogoJET is committed to continuously enhancing its support services as a core part of its values. This dedication involves regular improvements in customer support quality, ensuring that every interaction adds value and meets evolving customer needs. By integrating this commitment into its core DNA, LogoJET emphasizes its focus on long-term customer satisfaction and relationship building.