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LogoJET  |  SKU: X90R3in1

LogoJET 3-in-1 Printing Tray


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The LogoJET 3-in-1 Printing Tray is designed to be used to easily print golf balls, ping pong balls and poker chips, but can be used to hold any round object that can fit on the printer, and replicate the print position.

  • Pro & UV2400: 72 Position Printing Tray
  • Express 30R: 48 Position Printing Tray
  • UVx40R: 81 Position Printing Tray
  • UVx40R PLUS: 108 Position Printing Tray
  • UVx60/UVx60XL: 108 Position Printing Tray
  • UVx90R: 66 Position Printing Tray - You will need 3 of these individual trays to fill the bed of the UVx90R printer. Each tray is sold separately and measures 12" x 24" with 66 product positions. 

Click here for downloadable Adobe Illustrator tray templates.