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5 DTG Categories to
Boost Your Business

Whether you’re thinking about diversifying into DTG printing or looking to expand your current DTG capabilities, understanding the landscape of products available is a great place to start. Fabric customization can be as varied or specific as your business makes it — and there are more possibilities than ever to choose from.

if you think expansion might be for you, get our free download, 5 DTG Categories to Boost Your Business, today and see how these popular DTG categories could benefit your business.

Say Hello to the LogoJET T90 PRO

Made by the leaders in customization, the LogoJET T90 PRO printer is designed for maximum DTG versatility. Made with industrial grade components and designed to accommodate a variety of product types, in-house fabric printing has never been more reliable, more flexible or more efficient.

With the T90 PRO, you’ll enjoy:
  • 6 Ricoh GH Precision Printheads
  • A Suite of Custom Platens for Production Variety
  • One of the Largest DTG Print Bed on the Market
  • Best-in-Class RIP Software
  • Dark Media Mode that Minimizes Ink Consumption
  • High Quality, Water-Based Inks
  • A limited 3-Year Product Warranty
  • Unrivaled LogoJET Customer Service & Support
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Why is the T90 PRO Right For You?