Kothari Print Pro RIP Software: LogoJET Edition

The newly updated LogoJET edition of Kothari Print ProTM is the most powerful, capable and customizable integrated RIP available in the UV direct to substrate market. LogoJET partnered with Kothari Infotech in 2015 to extend the capabilities of Kothari's DTG RIP and develop a product designed for the UV printing space. Together, the companies have continually improved the product and tailored it to address the diverse needs of the UV direct to substrate market. In August of 2020, LogoJET began shipping the latest set of UV printing software innovations with the release of Print ProTM v15. The LogoJET edition of Print ProTM ships with all new LogoJET printers. Click here to view or download the brochure.

The LogoJET Edition of Print ProTM incorporates a set of unique innovations that move the UV printing industry forward by;

▶ Extending the capabilities of UV Printers.

▶ Delivering enhanced color management.

▶ Providing advanced workflow features that simplify core processes and reduce cost.


    Color IOS is groundbreaking, patented technology that enables users to treat the background color of a substrate as an ink, thereby reducing the amount of white underbase required. As an available feature of Print ProTM, Color IOS can provide substantial ink savings as compared to current methods, without compromising the final color output.


    Independent channel layering allows any available channel to fire independently or in line with other channels. Combined with channel data from any popular art program, this opens up the possibilities for print operators to produce very advanced print techniques such as layering for textures and 3D effects.


    The LogoJET Edition of Print ProTM was designed to not only provide powerful RIP functionality, but also the features critical to full print production workflows. Color management, variable data, and queue-based print job management work together to provide a full end-to-end production solution.


    NCS simplifies achieving consistent spot colors in a color managed workflow by using a set of meta data to link a color value to a name tag. The NCS data is linked to printer data with the help of a color book and other spot tools available in Print ProTM. This allows designers to independently refer to a color and use it in a design and the printer to reproduce the color based on the printing technology deployed.


    Advanced Head Control (AHC) allows a print operator to use a smaller percentage of the physical print head, providing the ability to print on a much smaller print area in fine detail. AHC lets you use as little as 14% of the head, and still maintain layering capabilities at larger percentages. The system provides feedback as to the optimal positioning of the layers to produce the ideal print.


    When printing multiple copies of images, you may want to apply an image mask to an individual position on the template layout. This allows you to automatically clip the image into the shape of the object you are printing on, similar to the way a clipping mask works in common art programs. This feature eliminates the need to build different art files for different applications. Rather, art can be applied on the fly as print jobs are set up.