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BOFA Replacement Pre-Filter for AD Oracle SAiQ Fume Extractor



BOFA AD Oracle SAiQ fume extractors come with easily replaceable filters. Due to the accumulation of particles, pre-filters require more frequent replacement than the combined
HEPA/Carbon filters. With normal usage, pre-filters should be replaced biannually. The AD Oracle SA iQ has a display with filter monitoring that shows the filter status for filters.

Made of glass fiber material and has a pleated construction. It has a surface media area of approximately 12 m2 and a filter efficiency of 95% at 0.9 microns.

Surface Media Area 12 m2 approx
Filter Media Glass Fiber
Filter Media Construction 100mm DeepPleat Construction with Webbing Spacers
F8 Filter Efficiency {95%@ 0.9 microns)