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Thermal Pressure Sensitive Roll Laminator 27" (3" Core)



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When you combine the right ink type, settings, film and glue, the final secret to UV transfer film success is in the lamination process.  LogoJET's 27" tabletop thermal pressure sensitive roll laminator features encapsulation for safe laminating.  The silicone rollers are of the highest quality, offering not only consistent heat, but also consistent pressure from edge-to-edge. These features combine to help to ensure an even and bright finish for every application that you run.  Ideal for roll applications with interchangeable 3" and 1" core fitting

Learn more about the UV Direct-to-Film Transfer process HERE.

Click HERE for instructions on how to use your LogoJET printer in conjunction with this laminator to create direct-to-film UV printed transfers for product application.

Owner's Manual for Thermal Pressure Sensitive Roll Laminator.