Expand Your Profits with the UVx40R Plus Expanded Capacity Printer

What a time to be a business owner. The current climate has those of us fortunate to still be operating working on razor thin profit margins. It’s essential to have a business strategy that is flexible and can adapt. At LogoJET, we are dedicated to helping you find solutions for your business. We want you to be confident that the investment you make in our products will not only carry your business through droughts like we are experiencing now, but also elevate your business in the years to come.

We are shining a light on one of our latest printers, the LogoJET UVx40R PLUS. The big sister to our award-winning UVx40R, we expanded the imprint size to 18”W x 24”L x 5”H and added an additional print head for a total of four Ricoh GH 2220 precision print heads. The industrial-grade components are backed by our new three-year warranty. We could go on about the ink capabilities and additional features, but let’s cut to the chase and talk about how it will work for you. Below we put together a profitability chart based on three common substrates on the UVx40R PLUS.

Note: these numbers may all vary based on what is being printed, the level of detail, settings and other factors. Profit shown is not guaranteed for customers. Customer results may vary from our results.

Our team can help you figure out exactly how much a project will cost and how much return it will produce for you. Reach out to us today via info@logojet.com or (337) 347-9005.

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