UV Printed Canvas

The trend of using canvas artwork in décor, fine art and photography has been steadily gaining popularity. Canvas prints bring a minimalist, modern element to any room and offer various material sizes and styles to choose from. Add vibrancy and style to any office or home by displaying your favorite artwork, designs or memories.

UV Direct-to-Substrate printing has expanded printing capabilities including the ability to offer customized canvas prints, often with increased profit margins. Cut down on curing or drying time associated with solvent inks or sublimation and cut out steps required for traditional methods including stretching canvas.

Eliminate and avoid:

  • High outsourcing costs
  • Time consuming set up
  • Investing in more tools and inventory for manual stretching (staples, gun, pre-notched bars)
  • Pre- and Post-treatments

One standard method for printing customized gallery-wrapped canvases involves printing digital artwork on to flat canvas material, which needs to be trimmed, stretched and secured over a wooden frame.  This process allows the artwork to wrap around the sides of the canvas. If the artwork is sized and positioned correctly, the image won’t be negatively affected. In some cases, due to preference or to avoid losing portions of an image, canvas sides are painted in a solid color or elegantly framed. This process may also require the application of protective treatments to protect the print from UV exposure and dust.

Another printing process for canvases includes sublimation. After printing with sublimation ink onto a transfer, the sheet is applied to the product and the water-based dye is transferred to the product surface as a gas through post-heating—setting the colors. Unlike UV-cured inks, these dyes are not as durable against UV exposure and will fade on the product surface.

These steps used in different printing methods are not necessary with direct-to-substrate printing. Simply place pre-stretched canvases on the UV printer’s flatbed and print. While the canvas is printing, a UV-LED lamp fully cures the ink which is resistant to UV exposure and ready to be immediately handled for display or shipping!

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to print full color pre-stretched canvases using our Multi-Mat and custom templates for positioning.

Using a LogoJET direct-to-substrate printer, these types of custom photographic or fine art canvases can be produced in minutes using print-ready, pre-wrapped canvases in traditional white, burlap or wood materials. LogoJET’s automatic height sensor will adjust to print canvases up to 5-6 inches thick! Print on varying sized canvases — up to 24×36”. Use pre-assembled canvases and skip trimming, wrapping or protective treatments, saving you time and money.

For a rustic touch, paint the edges of a wooden canvas and distress them with sandpaper to show slivers of the natural wood. Enjoy high-quality prints and customize or personalize for any room or occasion with UV-cured canvases. In our photo gallery, you can find ideas and inspiration for digital printing options.


Textures & Effects

LogoJET’s UV-curable inks not only complement the natural look of the material, but also give the potential to build textured effects, giving canvases vivid dimension and a realistic finish that looks and feels like an oil painting!  Overlays can also be added with clear-gloss ink as a sheen or varnish.  This printing process greatly enhances images of fine artwork and can add effects to photos too.
Re-purpose outdated artwork or surfaces with UV inks and give a new look to an old piece. Canvases that may have been previously printed and don’t have much texture can be printed over by adding a thick, slightly textured white ink or a dark base, then adding the new artwork. Tweak and modify pieces to give it that extra pop of color or text for a custom touch.

Durable Canvas Prints

Because these inks are UV-cured, they are long-lasting, moisture-resistant and will not fade with sun exposure.  Multiple canvases can be printed with ‘tiled’ graphics and put together to form large mosaic prints, giving you a virtually unlimited imprint size!
Use high resolution photography, logos or text with our advanced RIP Software, providing options for sharp resolutions to achieve radiant color and crisp images.

To start creating impressive portraits, décor, displays and more with LogoJET printers, contact us today.

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