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BOFA Replacement Combined Filter for AD Oracle SAiQ Fume Extractor



For best results, utilize the combined filters of the BOFA AD Oracle SAiQ fume extractor. Regular filter replacement is essential for controlling particle build-up. The prefilter, which captures larger particles, should be replaced more frequently than the combined HEPA/Carbon filter. It is typically recommended to replace the combined filter annually. The AD Oracle SAiQ features a filter monitoring display, indicating the status of both the prefilter and the combined filter.

The F8-rated filter has a 95% filtration efficiency for particles as small as 0.9 microns. It incorporates Advanced Carbon Filter (ACF) technology. BOFA's innovative design combines a HEPA filter with a chemical/gas filter to form a unit that is both space-saving and
cost-efficient, enhancing effectiveness. This integrated filter approach is a standard feature in most BOFA products, ensuring a safer and cleaner environment.

Dimensions:  17x18x11 in

Weight:  40lbs