Bundles of Packaging with UV Printing

Using direct-to-substrate printing, capture attention with packaging that shows it’s not just what’s inside that counts. There are many ways to maximize brands or promote with distinct packaging when printing with UV curable inks, including adding embellishments, fun sayings, using colorful logos, or other effective promotional methods such as integrating QR codes or serialization. Some software even offers the capability to integrate variable data into a design, customizing each printed piece to make it unique.

Having the freedom to print various styles using UV ink not only allows for adding a customized touch, but also for creating striking presentations on high-end products and personalized gifts. Presentation is key for items such as jewelry, electronics, money clips, wallets, engraved pens and so much more.  If you can think it, you can print it!

Using Different Methods

Traditional methods for customizing packaging, such as offset printing, can result in high costs when running lower quantity jobs, expensive metal plates, product loss when hot stamping or even slow drying times when using eco-solvent printing. Bypass these limitations and prohibitive costs with digital UV printing, which offers the ability to produce both low and high quantity jobs with a faster turnaround. This provides great options for both in-house and contract printing.

  • Avoid set up cost associated with metal plates used in offset printing
  • Avoid set up cost for multi-color prints
  • Minimize material loss as a result of methods like hot stamping
  • Benefit from faster dry times and turnaround

During the design process there are many aspects to take into account, such as desired output color, image quality or resolution. Digital printing provides flexibility in using different substrate sizes and a range of resolutions to optimize both quality and speed.

When printing digitally using a flatbed printer, there is no need for complicated set up or the use of printing plates like the ones used in offset printing. Simply load products onto the flatbed, open your image file, adjust printer to the product height using a built in auto-height feature, then press print.  UV-printed packaging is cured while it prints, so it’s ready for immediate use after printing.  With varying UV Printer sizes available, you can accommodate a range of product or box sizes with ease.

Varnish Effects with UV Inks

Traditional offset printing methods make adding spot varnishes costly and time consuming. LogoJET UV Printers incorporate a Clear Gloss varnish right into the ink system, so you can add these effects without extra setup. Go beyond clear coating on text. Specify areas of a printed design to receive a spot-varnish coating, or use the gloss alone to print patterns, logos or text on packaging, creating a sleek, tone-on-tone look.  Embossed effects can also be created, either using the gloss or other colored inks. The possibilities are endless! Check out our photo gallery to explore other products printed with our UV-flatbed printers.

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