UV Printing in Academic Environments

Today’s students will become tomorrow’s professionals in the printing industry, and since UV Printing is quickly becoming the wave of the future, many educational institutions have begun incorporating UV Printers into their classrooms and labs to enable students to become familiar with this printing process through hands-on experience.

Whether students enter into fields involving graphics, business, signage, promotional products, packaging or prototyping, learning to use UV-Printing Technology provides a marketable skill for their career ahead. Students are empowered to take their concepts and bring them to life on an unlimited number of substrates or 3D products. Most small format UV Printers now available are user-friendly, low maintenance and require minimal setup. Their small footprint makes them an ideal solution for producing impressive products in a contained environment.


Several universities and colleges across the United States who include UV and Direct-to-Substrate Inkjet printing as part of their curriculum have employed LogoJET Printers to train students to use the technology while producing valuable customized products that are used on campus or sold as memorabilia to bring in revenue for the school.  A huge range of products are being produced, including pens, golf balls, name badges, water bottles, key chains, tiles, canvas artwork, phone cases, and the list goes on.  A department head in the Design Media Production Technology program at one technical institute commented, “our requests are as varied as our students, and we love being able to produce what they need”. 

Because of the flexibility offered by flatbed direct-to-substrate printers, one printer can accommodate an endless variety of products. Custom printing trays can be loaded with product and easily interchanged, and new products can be tested using a re-usable adhesive mat in conjunction with the automatically-adjusting height sensor.
Many students are inspired by what they learn from hands-on experience with UV Printing and move in an entrepreneurial direction after their schooling, developing their own small businesses powered by the extensive customization capabilities and low overhead required to maintain an in-house UV Printer.


With the competition for schools to remain high in the rankings by offering the most up-to-date curriculums and access to cutting edge technology, adding a UV Printer to their design lab certainly gives them an advantage.  Contact LogoJET today to find out about the capabilities of UV Direct to Substrate Printers and find out which printer is right for you.

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