Customer Spotlight: All-Ways Impress

All-Ways Advertising knows a thing or two about how to pivot. After all, the company has been evolving for more than 50 years.

“My father started the business delivering phone books. His uncle delivered yellow pages,” said Andrew Lieberman, vice-president of All-Ways Advertising and All-Ways Impress, based in Bloomfield, NJ. “We transitioned from that to where we are now.”

These days, the company is a full-service promotional advertising and marketing agency, delivering customized product solutions and constantly looking to grow and innovate. When All-Ways Advertising recognized the rising demand for customized products, they decided to open a subsidiary company called All-Ways Impress. The focus of this division is to support and handle customers’ fulfillment, printing, engraving and sublimation needs.

Enter LogoJET.

“The LogoJET printers have completely changed our business,” Lieberman said of the three UV printers All-Ways now uses. “The LogoJET printers have absolutely helped my bottom line in that it’s a new avenue of work with a whole new set of clients. Having the LogoJET allows me to offer additional revenue stream with existing and new customers.”

With a 30,000 square-foot warehouse, All-Ways handles fulfillment for customers too.

“LogoJET allowed me to offer additional services to existing customers and find new customers. It’s been an additional revenue stream for us with both,” Lieberman said.

He added that his company has been able to take new customers and add them into our turnkey program.

“Not only do we print, but we handle the distribution through our 30,000 square-foot fulfillment center and warehouse where our machines are located. We stock blank products on the shelf — both my own products and my customers’ products too,” he said. “My customers can send me inventory of merchandise that sits on the shelf. I pull it. I print it and then I fulfill it — either business to business, business to consumer, drop shipping individual pieces or bulk shipping back to my customer where they may need to do some additional work to it.”

“The LogoJET printers have absolutely helped my bottom line in that it’s a new avenue of work with a whole new set of clients. Having the LogoJET allows me to offer additional revenue stream with existing and new customers.”
- Andrew Lieberman, All-Ways Impress

All-Ways dove into the world of UV printing after acquiring a trophy shop that had a laser engraver and some mechanical printers. Lieberman says the laser engraving machine opened his eyes to the possibilities of doing more for customers — expanding their offerings from regular printing to laser printing and engraved color logos. One of their biggest projects is a partnership with an electric toothbrush manufacturer to print custom logoed dental and orthodontic brushes for practices across the country.

After the initial purchase of a LogoJET UV2400 in 2015, Lieberman says his new customer source came as a surprise.

“In fact, from the start I was getting referrals from LogoJET for people who needed stuff printed. Most of my contract print work has come from LogoJET since we bought our first LogoJET printer,” Lieberman said. “So, in 2019, we bought two more. The printer’s quality is as good as I’ve seen. The adherence has no issues. The quality of the machines, the ink, the software, the ease of which it all works together has been above expectations.”

Lieberman credits Susan Cox, LogoJET founder and CEO, and the LogoJET team for going above and beyond the call of duty and says they’re his best new lead generator.

“When people contact Susan and need work done that’s in our wheelhouse — she sends them my way,” Lieberman said.

All-Ways Impress warehouse

All-Ways Impress warehouse

“We love sending sales leads to LogoJET customers. As a manufacturer of printers, we are regularly approached by businesses that are not quite ready for a printer but want to have the ability to sell customized products. We are happy to send orders to All-Ways Impress because Andy treats the one-off requirement the same way as the larger orders. Not to mention he has numerous LogoJET printers to handle various production requirements. He makes it easy to send work his way and has resulted in a positive customer experience for everyone.” said Cox. “Customization is growing and is becoming a hallmark of a differentiated company. Whether one or a thousand, LogoJET printers are a great solution for businesses entering this high growth space,” she says.

Lieberman says the LogoJET team supports him at whatever level he and his team need.

“We love Susan,” Lieberman said. “The entire company, trainers, customer supply, they’re all fantastic. I did my research in the beginning and have never looked back. As I’ve bought additional machines, the thought never crossed my mind to buy from anyone else.”

Lieberman says when COVID first hit, All-Ways met some challenges.

“We got hit hard for a little while when the dental practices closed,” he said. “As business has gotten back to normal, UV printing has become a bigger percent of our business. As the promotional industry has taken a hit, the personalization part of the industry has grown.”

Overall, Lieberman credits LogoJET with helping the company toward its mission to push the boundaries of solutions for customers. From direct-to-consumer fulfillment and kitting/assembly services to custom warehouse and tracking solutions, Lieberman and the All-Ways team use the most advanced technology, including LogoJET printers, to optimize the customer experience from order to delivery.


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