LogoJET Announces New Showroom and Launch of UV Summit Series

LogoJET is excited to announce the opening of its new state-of-the-art showroom, designed to enhance in-house customer demonstrations. This new facility sets the stage for the inaugural UV Summit Series, a bi-annual event hosted at LogoJET's headquarters.

The UV Summit Series is an innovative initiative, bringing together LogoJET customers and strategic application/media suppliers. This series aims to provide an enhanced hands-on experience, fostering collaboration and learning through roundtable discussions and educational sessions. The summit will focus on the latest trends and advancements in UV printing, offering attendees a unique opportunity to engage
directly with industry experts and peers.

In addition to the technical and business insights, the UV Summit Series will feature a Taste of Louisiana, offering the best of the best in local cuisine. Emphasizing the significance of networking in a convivial atmosphere, LogoJET will treat attendees to an authentic culinary experience, highlighting the rich flavors and traditions of Louisiana food. This gastronomic journey aims to enrich the summit experience, fostering connections among participants in a uniquely local setting.

"The new showroom is not just a space for showcasing our technology; it's a hub for innovation and collaboration," says Susan Cox, CEO of LogoJET. "The UV Summit Series embodies our commitment to customer relationships and continual learning. We're thrilled to provide a platform where our customers and partners can come together to share insights and drive the industry forward."

Attendees of the UV Summit Series can expect to:

  • Experience live demonstrations of LogoJET's cutting-edge UV printing technology.
  • Engage in hands-on sessions with various printing substrates and applications.
  • Participate in insightful round table discussions led by industry leaders.
  • Gain valuable knowledge through educational workshops tailored to the latest market trends and techniques.

The first summit is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th and Thursday, March 21st, and LogoJET is excited to welcome its customers and partners to their Lafayette, LA headquarters for this landmark event.