Rotary Printing - How to Print Multiple Tumblers In a Single Print Run

Personalized tumblers have arguably become one of the most profitable products in the customization market. But did you know that by maximizing the width on your rotary printing attachment you can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profits by printing multiple tumblers simultaneously?  The time difference between printing one tumbler over two at a time is only a 10% increase, yet yields double the results.  If you've invested in our UVx90R model with an even wider capacity, your profits can increase up to threefold.

Once you've set up your rotary attachment for printing multiple tumblers, it will be simple to load and unload product between print runs for efficient production flow. Creating a template to save for future use can also contribute to profitability by reducing artwork setup time on your next order of tumblers.  

The following video demonstrates the proper technique for measuring your product, positioning it on the rotary attachment and placing artwork correctly in the RIP software to maximize your production output and ultimately, your profits.

Curious about how to get started with rotary printing? Contact us for more information or to arrange for testing on your products!

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