Rotary Printing - How to Print Opposite of a Brand or Logo Mark

Customizable tumblers are becoming increasingly popular, especially power brands like Yeti, RTIC, Swell - and for good reason.  Their indestructible construction combined with beautiful colors and designs is why most household users have more than 1 tumbler to match various occasions.  

With over 50 hot branded tumblers on the market, it is important to land your customized imprint either center to the brand mark, or on the opposite side, depending on the version you are working with. 

For a long time, many have relied on trial and error (and error, and error) to  calculate the perfect landing position. No need to be a tech-guru or depend on luck anymore!  At LogoJET, we have streamlined the process to come up with a simple way to ensure favorable results every time.

Proper positioning of your tumbler on the rotary attachment combined with correct measurements are keys to landing your imprint in the right spot. Watch the video to find out how it's done! 

Curious about how to get started with rotary printing? Contact us for more information or to arrange for testing on your products!

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