UV Maintenance Kit for Epson Series Printers


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UV Maintenance Kit for Epson Series Printers (UV2400, UVx60, UVx90)

This kit is your easy, go-to solution for all your printer maintenance needs to stay in working condition.

Included in the kit:

Air in a Can 12 oz (Qty: 1)
To easily spray away dust on the printer and production area; Dust can interfere with the quality of printing and an accumulation of lint and dust can cause damage to the printer resulting in the need for premature replacement of parts.

Isopropyl Alcohol 91% 16 oz (Qty: 1)
Effectively removes ink from a variety of surfaces like the printer, the case, the counters and work space etc.

UV Cleaning Solution 100 ml (Qty: 1)
The UV cleaning solution is specially formulated to breakdown the residues left behind from UV Curable inks, while still being gentle on the printer head components.

Absorbent Mesh Pads; 200 pack (Qty: 2)
To be used in conjunction with cleansing agents for cleaning the bed and outside of the printer.  Absorb 10 times their weight with lint free mesh surface to minimize lint contamination.  Made from a blend of synthetic fibers and are thicker and heavier than other pads. 

Porous Pads (Qty: 1)
To catch the excess ink that may drip from the printer head. Replacement pad for the printer once the current pad has become completely saturated. Usually every 6 to 12 months depending on usage.

Alcohol Wipes; 50 pack (Qty: 1)
For convenient use in the general cleaning of the printer.

Rubber Gloves (Qty: 25 pairs)
Recommended for use to protect the skin both in production and printing but especially when performing installation and maintenance duties

Swab-Its (Qty: 25)
For use in conjunction with appropriate cleaning agents for the fine detailing of the printer in hard to reach areas.  Better than using Q-Tips, these Swab-Its are lint free!

Syringes (Qty: 6)
Empty plastic syringes and needles  for use in the priming of the ink dampers as well as periodic flushing of the lines etc

Lithium Grease Cream; 50 ml (Qty: 1)
A safe, versatile, long-lasting metal to metal lubricant to be used when necessary on the lower track of the printer bed

Lubricating Oil; 4 oz (Qty: 1)
Oil for lubrication of the metal rod of the print carriage.  See Maintenance instruction sheet for proper application directions.

UV Lamp Filters (Qty: 52)
Filters keep the UV Lamp clean from buildup due to ink, dust, oil, etc. which may cause it to overheat. Please change during weekly maintenance or sooner should filter become dirty. Package of

Clear Case (Qty) 1
Used to store all maintenance equipment listed