Customer Spotlight: Phil Lewis (LogoJET Ambassador)

Phil Lewis is a visual artist based in Boulder, Colorado, where he has opened a beautiful studio to showcase his designs. He grew up loving nature, which has heavily influenced his work. As his career has progressed, he has become a master of incorporating his art into the cyber world, mixing traditional art with digital mediums to further expand his creativity.

He began researching UV printing solutions as he considered new ways to bring art to customers. While he was not certain of how he would use it, he knew it would impact his business.

Being a visual artist, it was important to Phil that the printer not only worked industrially, but also aesthetically. It needed to be able to fit into his studio space and not serve as a big eyesore. In addition to the right printer, Phil needed the right partner.

Enter LogoJET. After thorough research and discussions with other customers, he decided to look into what the company could offer. After discussions with the team, he knew LogoJET was the way to go because of their number-one feature: support. It was important that once the purchase was made, he had a team behind him to answer his questions as well as collaborators who could help take his art to the next level.

With continued support from LogoJET’s team of experts, Phil has used his printer to bring new life to his art. In combination with laser engraving and other new techniques, UV printing has opened the door for Phil to expand his product offerings without sacrificing the beauty of his vibrant pieces.

“We have never seen anything like it,” said Susan Cox, LogoJET Founder and President. “Phil has mastered the technique of combining laser engraving with UV printing to create a whole new dimensional level. As much as Phil is a fan of LogoJET, we are equally as big a fan of his work, which is why we chose to outfit our entire Minnesota office with his works of art created with the LogoJET. He is a great partner, and we are looking forward to seeing his business grow.”

Since his printer purchase, Phil has been sharing his work and has received amazing feedback not only from his customers, but from the UV printing community as a whole.

He is printing his work on substrates like phone cases, stickers, dog tags, puzzles, frisbees, lanterns, storage bins, bottle openers, pins, magnets, laptop cases, tumblers, and more.

“I have had such a positive experience with LogoJET, and I am honored to now be an official ambassador for the company!” said Phil. “I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of this machine’s capabilities, and I’m stoked to see what the future holds.”​