Edible Customization Just Got More Personal

Enabling your food customization business with LogoJET FSR printers opens up opportunities for low cost, mass customization of edible products. From printed images on baked goods and confectionery, to chargrilled effects on savory foodstuffs, edible inks create incredible opportunities to add value and visual appeal to an unlimited range of food products.

Our Inks

The FSR edible inks are a series of water-based inks formulated with food grade FD&C dyes and ingredients that can be printed directly onto edible goods. Our FSR inks give excellent color and image quality and were specially designed to work exclusively with LogoJET edible ink printers. Together they enable decoration of food to enhance the sensory experience and add brand value through imagery. FSR inks offer the highest quality in printing performance when used in an appropriate system, environment and application.

Manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, FSR inks comply with the US Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Parts 73 to 82 and other regulatory bodies.

Our Printers

LogoJET's FSR90 edible ink printer is built for continuous production to enable mass customization of edible products.  Click here for specific details about this printer model.