In Partnership with Acentium Capital, LogoJET is offering one of its most exclusive financing offers to date.
If you've been on the fence about diving into UV printing because of financing options, the time to buy is NOW.
Put $0 down and defer payments for 3 months so you can get into production mode worry-free.

3% fixed interest rate
(exclusive to LogoJET)

3 months deferred printer payments
($29/mo contract fee for first three months still applies )

3 year payment plan


Estimated Monthly Payments at 36 Months Contract:
(Pricing below does not include accessories)

starting at

starting at

starting at

starting at

Minimum requirements are 2+ years and 700+ FICO credit score.  
Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. OFFER EXPIRES 5/15/23.

Now is the time to start customizing products in-house. 
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