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BOFA Replacement Combined Filter for 3D PrintPRO 3 Fume Extractor



Use BOFA 3D PrintPRO fume extractor combined filters for optimal performance. Filters must be routinely replaced to manage particulate accumulation. Pre-filters, trapping larger particles, require more frequent changes than the combined HEPA/Carbon filter. Typical use suggests annual replacement of the combined filter. The device features an indicator for timely filter replacement.


This F8 rated filter has 95% filtration efficiency for particles as small as 0.9 microns. It incorporates Advanced Carbon Filter (ACF) technology. BOFA's innovative design combines a HEPA filter with a chemical/gas filter to form a unit that is both space-saving and cost-efficient, enhancing effectiveness. The integrated filter approach is a standard feature in most BOFA products, ensuring a safer and cleaner environment.