LogoJET  |  SKU: FSE525G

LogoJET Edible Ink – 1 Gallon




Edible Ink - 1 Gallon (CMYK Colors) / 3.8L / 3.632 kg. For use with LogoJET direct-to-food printers fitted with Epson print heads.

LogoJET's edible ink stands out as the only stable, consistent, and food-compliant ink in the market. This ink is essential for businesses aiming to customize food products, offering unparalleled reliability and safety in food printing. Our edible inks enable high-quality, direct printing on a wide range of food items, from baked goods to savory confections. This ink is perfect for creating vivid, appetizing printed images and unique effects like chargrilled visuals on various food products.

LogoJET's edible ink transforms ordinary food items into visually appealing and value-added offerings. Whether it's enhancing the aesthetic of confectionery or adding a distinctive touch to savory items, this ink is your key to innovative and safe food customization.

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