LogoJET Inc.  |  SKU: LJFlexiDesignSub1Yr

Flexi Design Only Subscription RIP Software - 1 Year - LogoJET Edition


Access our recorded webinar demonstrating Flexi Complete RIP Software integration with our UVx40R PLUS-SE and UVx90R Printer Models through our Learning Management System, LogoJET-U.


Optimize your UV printing workflow with Flexi's specialized software, LogoJET Edition. This edition is tailored for design-centric environments, offering comprehensive tools for design-specific tasks. It seamlessly integrates with Flexi's production manager and other leading RIP software, such as Versaworks and Rasterlink, enabling efficient job dispatch to remote stations. The software simplifies the editing of vectors and various image formats with an intuitive interface. Additionally, users can effortlessly implement multiple cut lines to enhance their designs.

$32.99 monthly fee after 12 month subscription period ends.