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Flexi Complete - Full Subscription RIP Software - 1 Year - LogoJET Edition


Access our recorded webinar demonstrating Flexi Complete RIP Software integration with our UVx40R PLUS-SE and UVx90R Printer Models through our Learning Management System, LogoJET-U.


Experience full control on design and RIP features for UV printing with Flexi's complete solution, LogoJET Edition.

Maximize your UV printing capabilities with the Flexi LogoJET edition. This comprehensive solution delivers:

  • Advanced 64-bit RIP engine for superior speed and performance.
  • Capability to concurrently operate up to 5 printers and cutters.
  • Access to the full suite of Flexi features, including precise spot color mapping, efficient true-shape nesting, and professional banner finishing.
  • The 'Find My Font' feature, which quickly identifies the closest font match in images.
  • An 'Artwork Approval' tool that streamlines customer approval processes.

$69.99 monthly fee after 12 month subscription period ends.