LogoJET Inc.  |  SKU: Strata-Go-PLUS-P1Y

Onyx Go Plus 1 Year Prepaid Subscription for LogoJET Strata Series Flatbed Printers



The ONYX Go Plus is the exclusive level 3 driver, expertly configured for LogoJET's Strata
Series flatbed printers TERRA and LUNA, and is a key component of our innovative
subscription-based offering. This advanced ONYX RIP software, indispensable for wide-format printing, is provided on a flexible, month-to-month basis with no binding contract. Built upon the reliable ONYX Thrive platform, ONYX Go Plus ensures a seamless user experience and a comprehensive set of tools, all accessible through a subscription service.

Key Features of ONYX Go Plus:

  • Specially designed for optimal control with LogoJET Strata Series printers (TERRA and LUNA).
  • Advanced Job Editor, enabling precise image cropping, rotating, scaling, and color adjustments.
  • Streamlined workflow enhancements like adding tiles, bleed, and grommets to expedite job finishing.
  • Automated generation of registration marks and nesting for efficient print-and-cut operations.
  • High-quality, color-managed large previews for accurate job visualization.
  • Automated printing workflow from design file to finished product using ONYX Quick Sets and Hot Folders.

Enhanced Color Management Features:

  • ONYX Color Engine, specifically crafted for wide-format printing to deliver superior color quality.
  • Integrated PANTONE color library ensuring: accurate color matching: and reproduction.