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Rotary 360 Attachment


Printer Model

Rotary 360 Attachment - UVx90R is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


The Rotary 360 attachment allows customization on the full circumference of cylindrical and tapered objects. Go from printing objects as slender as drumsticks to large bottles in a snap! Includes taper bar attachments. UVx40R/UVx40R-PLUS and UVx90R models accommodate printing on multiple bottles or tumblers at a time. Rotary cup rings shown in photos are sold separately. 

Tumbler Time Study on UVx90R Printer
(Three 30 oz Tumblers with 3x3 inch logo)

Ink: H2GH
Profile: 720x900, 3 pass, Bi, SML
Layer 1: Color
A.H.C.: 3 layers, color on layer 2
Time: 1 min. 19 sec.
Quantity: 3 Tumblers