UV Transfer Film A Sheet (100/pk)



LogoJET offers a high-quality UV transfer film media that can be paired with any UV direct-to-substrate printer. The Film A material is manufactured on a PET film with high durability glue that transfers onto products to provide dishwasher-safe, glossy and durable graphics on any rigid product. 

LogoJET UV printers can apply a thin layer of ink directly onto the Film A sheet with the glue facing up and is then laminated to Film B roll with a Thermal Pressure Sensitive Roll Laminator to fuse the films together. 

UV transfer film is the perfect complement to direct UV printing for products that are large, odd shaped and uneven hard surfaces. Learn more about the UV Direct-to-Film Transfer process HERE.

Click HERE for instructions on how to use your LogoJET printer in conjunction with this product to create direct-to-film UV printed transfers for product application.

Sheet Size: 11.75"x 16.5", 100 per pack
Thickness: 2 mil
Material: PET with adhesive coating