UV DTF Transfer Film

Since Direct-to-Object UV Printing has some limitations (size, material, adhesion), using UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) Transfer film, can expand the capabilities of your current UV printer. UV DTF Transfer Film allows you to create prints that can be applied to those items that may not be compatible with direct-to-object printing, including:

One Printer, Endless Applications

Providing customized products allows for endless product possibilities and avenues to increase your bottom line. Pairing direct-to-object with UV DTF transfer printing allows you to further expand those products and better serve customers.


Small initial investment for big profits later

Combined techniques for expansive product lineup

Tricky applications now have a solution

Dishwasher friendly

Metallic options now available

By owning a UV printer, you’re nearly there, though there are a few additional supplies needed for the UV DTF transfer printing process.

Each purchase of the Thermal Roll Laminator below will include a FREE STARTER PACK of transfer film ($450 value), including:
100-pack of Film A Sheets, 1 Film B Roll, and a 10-pack of your choice of Gold or Silver Foil Sheets.
Special expires 6/30/23.

Thermal Laminator

Film A Sheets

Film B Roll

Gold Foil Sheets

Silver Foil Sheets

The process of printing films, laminating, and applying the final print to the product is demonstrated in the videos below.

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