The Ultimate Printer for High-Volume Production

    The LogoJET UVx90R direct-to-substrate printer combines fast speed with large capacity to create the ultimate production solution. Designed for high-output production environments, this direct UV printer is built with industrial-strength components including 6 extended-wear Ricoh GH2220 print heads. Go from high-volume orders, to uniquely customized products, to signage, to rotary in a snap.


    • 24” W x 36” L Imprint Area
    • CMYK + White + Clear Gloss Ink
    • Automatic Product Height Sensor for products up to 6" high
    • Built-in vacuum bed
    • Rotary 360° Printing Capability
    • Built-in LCD panel display with tough - button controls 
    • Bi-directional printing
    • Stationary print bed for optimal load/unload time


6 Ricoh GH2220 Precision Print Heads

Each industrial print head accommodates two ink channels, for a total of 12 customizable channels, designed for cost-efficient head replacement.

Optimized Ink Flow System

Our ink bag system moves with the carriage during printing to create optimal ink flow and minimized maintenance.

Built-In UV-LED Lamp

Cures the ink instantly as it’s applied to the substrate for vibrant and lasting imprints.

Expanded Curable Imprint Area

24”W x 36”L The automatic height sensor detects products up to 6” in height and positions them at an optimum distance from the print head.

Metal Printer Stand

Metal stand to accommodate the printer is included.

Interchangeable Printing Trays

Makes it easy to print on all types of products and increases efficiency for larger production volumes.

Control Panel

Puts your most used functions at your fingertips:

- perform head-cleanings and nozzle checks

- manual and automatic flatbed height adjustment

- moving bed backward and forward

High-End Industrial-Strength Components

Built with kevlar belts and strong Servo motors to create a tough, reliable printer that’s designed to last.

Material handling

The built-in vacuum bed and multi-use sticky mat keep substrates in place while printing.

Open Architecture

While other printers in the industry
require professionals for parts replacement, LogoJET’s easily accessible architecture and design make maintenance a breeze. You don’t have to be a tech guru to keep your printer up and running.

Rotary 360° Capabilities

Allow for customization around the
circumference of cylindrical and tapered objects.

Ink Capabilities

Our award-winning H2 UV curable inks provide increased color gamut, durability and flexibility. The ink bags move along with the carriage during printing to create a self-agitating system, improving ink flow and reducing maintenance. To replace an empty ink bag, simply remove the ink needle and insert it into a new bag. The twelve ink channels can be customized with a combination of CMYK inks, white ink and/or clear gloss to suit your needs.

LogoJET Print Pro ™ –  powered by Kothari, was designed to not only provide powerful RIP functionality, but also the features critical to full print production workflows. Main features:

● Hot folders with pre-configured print parameters for specific substrates to simplify job setup.

● Independent channel layering for inline printing and textured effects – up to 8 layers in one job.

● Advanced Head Control produces fine detail in small imprint areas. On rotary jobs, print items with diameters as thin as drumsticks up to 4” bottles.

● Multiple Image Masking crops art to fit multiple shapes in a single layout.

● Saved environments to simplify production on various media.

● Templates for repeatability in production.

● Optional add ons to provide full production solutions:
- Name Color Space–for advanced color management
- VDP–Variable Data Printing for serialization requirements
- Workflow Express–for queue-based job setup

LogoJET offers enhanced in-person installation and personalized training for you and your staff with your purchase. We also offer a 3-YEAR WARRANTY to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our top-notch technical support provided by industry experts who can provide troubleshooting and ongoing training for your business.

Why is the UVx90R Right For You?

Each printer is shipped with the following:

1 x metal printer stand

1 x INK BAG SET 6 colors, 220mL each (500 mL available)

1 x bag of gloves and maintenance syringes

1 x mini supply of lubricants for greasing the rails and tracks

1 x mini supply of cleaning solution for printer

1 x bag of lint free wipes

1 x printed manual

1 x installation USB for drivers and other videos

1 x LogoJET Print Pro™ powered by Kothari

1 x anti-static brush

1 x power cable

1 x spare dampers set

1 x USB printer cable

1 x webcam

1 x consumable parts adjustment tool kit

Built-in LCD panel display with touch-button controls

3-Year limited Warranty

Actual Flatbed Size 24.5” W x 37.5” L* (open-ended for product overhang)

Max. Curable Imprint Area 24” W x 36” L

Max. Substrate Height 6” H

Max. Substrate Weight 44 lbs

Printer Size 56.25” W x 61” L x 29.5” H

Printer Stand Size (included) 32” W x 51” L x 21” H

UV Lamp (2) Specs 2x 395nm, 48V

Print Heads 6x Ricoh GH 222

Accessory Options 360° rotary attachment, custom trays

Built-in Vacuum Bed Holds down flat, lightweight materials

Power Source 100~120V AC, 50/60Hz or 210~230V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption Approx 140W (standby) Approx 350W (operation)

Control Panel 13 button interface; LED display

Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty

Consumable Parts Cap tops, ink, dampers, UV lamp
filters, ink tubes

Interface USB 2.0 Interface (1x)

Ink Process (standard) 2x CMYK + W + CG (can be customized)

Ink Type (Standard) H2GH

Ink Supply Vacuum-sealed ink bags - 220 mL

Optimized Resolution 720x600, 720x900, 720x1200, 720x1800, 720x2400 dpi

System Recommendations (PC only) Multi-core CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD or SDD, Windows 11

Printer Weight 410 lbs

Shipping Weight 750 lbs

Shipping Dimensions 65” W x 75” L x 42” H

Environmental Condition 68~77° F; Humidity 35~70% (non-condensing)

RIP Software - Included LogoJET Print Pro™ - powered by Kothari

Installation & Training Onsite installation and training

LogoJET UVx90R Direct to Substrate Printer


Direct to Substrate Printer

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